Deborah Ayers

About Me

Trying to provide an abstract of yourself for an "About Me" page feels a bit like the Internet equivalent of the elevator speech—that smart, witty script you rehearse to pitch yourself to people during those chance 30 to 60 second encounters. I find that easy to do for my professional life. My personal life? Not so much.Deb Ayers

This year (2013) brings at least the third major overhaul of my personal web site since it first landed on the web back in 1998. As I sorted through my old web pages to decide what would stay and what would go, I realized that in many ways I'm still the same ol' me.  

I'm still a fan of sci-fi and I still adore my cats. I prefer going outside to going out, and silence always trumps music. Given the chance, I would love to write, ride my Ninja, and rollerblade every day.

However, despite all that's stayed the same, I've also changed--for the better I would hope.    




"The butterfly counts not months but moments and has time enough."

Rabindranath Tagore